About René

In 1997 René Botha founded YÂDÂH Ministries with the view of ministering to people with the truth of the Word of God. Her walk with Jesus Christ began at an early age. Although she has been faced with many difficult moments in her life, including death several times, He has always held her in the palm of His hand. When she began ministering, she felt Jesus gave her Psalm 118:17 which was a tremendous comfort and confirmation that Jesus would do what He said...”I will not die but I will live, to tell what the Lord has done." Psalm 118:17

She believes that she AND those that she ministers to, WILL live and declare the goodness of the Lord Jesus Christ. Today, she is as in love with Jesus Christ as she was when she began her journey years ago. She has the faith to help the broken-hearted and thereby enabling them to grow in an understanding of Him. René is also a well-known teacher of the Word of God and is passionate about biblical truths. She is embarking on a series of teachings in 2016 that are totally new and will open a new phase in the understanding of who you are in God and His passion for you.

René has traveled to different places in South Africa, Yemen, UAE, Mozambique, Texas [USA], Switzerland, Belgium. Italy and ministered to small groups, cell groups, churches and even did some one-on-one ministry in these areas.

See http://yadahministries.co.za/ for more information and testimonies